FY25 Budget Information

July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025

Annual Town Meeting for the Fiscal Year 2025 is scheduled for Monday, June 17, 2023 starting at 6:30pm at Wescustogo Hall & Community Center.

Citizen's Guide to Town Meeting

The Registrar of Voters will be available at 6:00pm

  • You must be a registered voter of North Yarmouth to vote at the Annual Town Meeting. 
  • Voters must "check in" with the Voter Registrar to receive their voting flag and information packet. 
PDF icon 1-0 FY25 Proposed Budget Pesentation246.4 KB
PDF icon 1-1 FY25 Budget Presentation PowerPoint335.83 KB
PDF icon 2-0 Budget Meeting Schedule for FY25211.8 KB
PDF icon 2-3 FY25 Budget Summary22.13 KB
PDF icon 2-4 FY25 Budget Comparison32.93 KB
PDF icon 2-5 FY24 Manager Request Worksheet78.18 KB
PDF icon 2-6 FY25 Custom Budget Report88.21 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-01 Municipal Administration Narrative172.83 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-02 Municipal Administration Conract Professional 110.03 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-03 Municipal Administration Town Office Building59.58 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-04 Municipal Administration Property Casualty Definitions28.77 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-05 Municipal Administration Assessing & Code Enforcement138.31 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-06 Municipal Administration Technology46.58 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-08 Municipal Administration Debt Service51.28 KB
PDF icon 3 FY25 110-11 Municipal Administration Misc. General Government62.47 KB
PDF icon 4 FY25 120-04 Community Services General Assistance53 KB
PDF icon 4 FY25 120-05 Community Services Social Services108.16 KB
PDF icon 5 FY25 125-01 & 125-2 Community Center Operations139.42 KB
PDF icon 6 FY25 128-03 to 128-08 Committees127.98 KB
PDF icon 7 FY25 130-01 & 130-02 Public Safety169.4 KB
PDF icon 8 FY25 140-01 Public Works Operations148.69 KB
PDF icon 8 FY25 140-02 Public Works Winter Operations128.76 KB
PDF icon 8 FY25 140-03 Public Works Parks108.27 KB
PDF icon 8 FY25 Public Works Cemeteries118.14 KB
PDF icon 9 FY25 150-01 Sole Waste & Recycling110.86 KB
PDF icon 10 FY25 170-01 Reserve Appropriations - Budgeted Appropriations105.32 KB
PDF icon 11 FY25 200 Reserve Expense - Budgeted Expenses105.63 KB
PDF icon 13 FY25 400-30 TIF Expenses - Budgeted Expenses128.6 KB
PDF icon 14-1 FY25 CIP Plan124 KB
PDF icon 14-2 FY25 CIP Summary18.73 KB
PDF icon 14-3 FY25 CIP Public Safety 2025-202925.97 KB
PDF icon 14-4 FY25 CIP Public Safety 2030-203424.91 KB
PDF icon 14-5 FY25 CIP Public Works 2025-202944.14 KB
PDF icon 14-6 FY25 CIP Public Works 2030-203446.84 KB
PDF icon 14-7 FY25 CIP Wescustogo Hall & Community Center 2025-203419.92 KB
PDF icon 14-8 FY25 CIP Town Buildings 2025-203413.99 KB
PDF icon 14-9 CIP Bonds 2025-203414.76 KB
PDF icon 14-10 Roadway Surface & Reserve Schedule91.66 KB
PDF icon 15 Revenues Manager Request Worksheet46.08 KB