Fire Rescue

  • Squad 51
    Squad 51
  • A-56
    Ambulance 56
  • Service 54
    Service 54
  • B-57
    Brush 57
  • Tank 53
    Tank 53
  • Engine 52
  • Sligo Road Fire Training - Feb 2016
  • Chief Greg Payson Commanding the Sligo Road Fire Training
  • Portland Redclaws Mascot Crusher
  • Squad 51
    Squad 51 visits the station

COVID-19 Reopening & Prevention Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

North Yarmouth Fire Rescue is made up of 47 devoted men and women—firefighters and emergency medical technicians, ranging in license levels of Basic EMT to Medical Director (licensed physician). The North Yarmouth Fire Rescue team puts in countless hours completing mandatory state and federal training requirements throughout the year by attending training academies, as well as our own in-house training, to keep skills sharp and be prepared for that next call.


For North Yarmouth Fire Rescue to provide prompt emergency service, we must be able to find you as quickly as possible. Please provide legible reflective numbers on your mailbox (both sides) or on a post adjacent to your driveway. Reflective numbers, at least 4 inches high, on your house at the primary entrance would help us and you, GREATLY.

Ambulance Service Billing

Emergency Medical Billing: North Yarmouth Fire Rescue charges for emergency medical responses. Health Insurance information may be requested by the emergency response personnel at the time of service. Please contact the town’s EMS billing company, Medical Reimbursement Services at (800) 734-6677, with any specific billing invoice questions. Chief Gregory Payson should be contacted at 829-3025 with any questions regarding the medical billing program. Any request for Emergency Medical Records should go directly through Medical Reimbursement Services. 

Mailing Address:  10 Village Square RD, North Yarmouth,  ME 04097

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Gregory Payson Fire Rescue Chief (207) 829-3025