Curbside Protocol

orange payt bag
  • Trash must be placed in official, orange,Town Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) bags or it will not be collected. 
  • Trash bags shall be available in 2 sizes (15 gal. & 33 gal.).
  • The maximum weight shall be limited to no more than forty (40) pounds and the size limited to 33 gallons. Bags exceeding forty pounds will not be picked up. 
  • Curbside collection shall occur weekly. Bags will be placed curbside no later than 7:00AM of the morning of collection. Bags shall contain no unacceptable waste and shall be placed at curbside not more than 24 hours before scheduled pick up.
  • Must be placed out of the way of Town snowplows.
  • Bags and receptacles must be placed no further than 6 to 8 feet from the roadside.
  • Sharps (i.e. needles, blades, etc.) are to be placed in a hard container and disposed with household waste and not recycling.
  • No bulky waste, construction debris or demolition debris shall be placed curbside.
  • Commercial haulers may reject materials and/or bags which are not prepared according to specifications.
  • Curbside Recyclables. Material to be placed at curbside for recycling must be empty, prepared according to current regulations and placed in a container at curbside. Commercial haulers may reject material which is not prepared according to specifications. Recycling containers shall be placed at the curbside by 7:00AM and no earlier than 24 hours before scheduled pick up.
  • Trash that has been disturbed by wind or animals is considered litter.  It will not be picked up by the contractor and is the responsibility of the occupant.
  • Residents with a pickup day of Thursday, will be picked up on Friday the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Questions or Concerns Regarding Pickup Contact Casella Waste Systems at (207) 883-9777.
  • Questions or Concerns Regarding Recycling and Acceptable Waste Contact ecomaine at (207) 523-3141