Burning Permits

Wardens Report Ranger

There are three options for Burn Permits in the Town of North Yarmouth: 

1. Burn Permits are Free at Wardens Report: http://www.wardensreport.com/index.php#!/frontPage

2. Burning Permits are available for $7.00 thru the Maine State Forest Service @ https://www13.informe.org/burnpermit/public/index.html

If you do not have internet access, Please call the station @ 207-829-3025. Leave a voice message for Chief Payson. This will go directly to his email and he will respond as soon as he gets the voice message. We do have students at the station during weekends 80% of the time. In the case they are not there, please call the Fire Rescue Station and Chief Payson will work with you to get you a permit in a timely fashion.

Burning Permits are available at no charge at:

Town Office Monday - Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fire Rescue Station Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm  (as staffing permits)

Rules on Open Burning and Burn Permits
The information contained in this brochure has been taken from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection Regulations Chapter 102: OPEN BURNING 
The following types of burning are permitted as long as you have a Burn Permit:
1. Recreational campfires kindled when the ground is not covered in snow.
2. Fires in conjunction with holiday and festive celebration as long as the materials conform to item 5. of this section below.
3. Burning of solid or liquid fuels and structures for the purpose of research or bona fide
instruction and training of …volunteer firefighters…
4. Burning for agricultural purposes…
5. Out-of-door burning of wood wastes and painted* and unpainted wood from demolition in the open…
6. Open burning of leaves, brush, deadwood and tree cuttings…
7. Burning on site for the disposal of wood wastes and painted* and unpainted wood from construction and demolition debris…
8. Burning of vegetative growth for hazardous abatement purposes, such as, but not limited to, the burning of grass fields.
9. Burning for the containment or control of spills of gasoline, kerosene, heating oil or similar petroleum product.
10. The burning of wood wastes and painted* and unpainted wood from construction and demolition debris at solid waste facilities…
11. The burning of empty containers, including fiberboard boxes and paper bags, previously containing explosives and being disposed of in accordance with the provisions of Maine Revised Statutes Title 25, section 2472.
12. Explosives being disposed of under the direct supervision and control of the State Fire Marshal.
When burning painted wood, “a person engaged in any renovation, remodeling, maintenance or repair project involving lead-based paint …shall take reasonable precautions to prevent the release of lead into the environment, including the clean-up, removal, and
appropriate disposal of all visible lead- based paint debris generated by the project.”

The Town of North Yarmouth requires fire permits for the following even though not required by the State of Maine.

  1. Residential use of fireplaces for recreational purposes such as preparing food. 
  2. Recreational campfires kindled when the ground is covered with snow or on frozen bodies of water.
  3. Brush Piles anytime of the year. 
  4. Recreational campfires anytime of the year. 

NOTE: Paper or cardboard may be burned as kindling, only in amounts necessary to ensure ignition of fires pursuant to the rules stated previously..
Burning of trash or non-wood materials is prohibited!

Burn Barrels are not permitted in the Town of North Yarmouth per State Law

Burn Barrels are not permitted in the Town of North Yarmouth
Before you burn –
Check the weather. You can see if burning may be permissible at:
http://www.maine.gov/doc/mfs/fire danger/fire.shtml
Burning is permissible in North Yarmouth only on Class 1 or Class 2 days and when winds are below 15MPH
1) Plan your burn
2) Ensure you have enough adults present to safely do the burn.
3) Have the tools and water on-hand before you begin the burn.
4) Get your Burn Permit.
5) Have a means of communication ready in case the fire gets out of control.
Remember: Permitted or not – The person who started the fire is responsible for any and all damage caused by that fire.


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