Living Well in North Yarmouth Committee

An Age Friendly Community

In 2016, a small committee of town residents began working on a project aimed at improving life for everyone in town – from kids to seniors. After meeting with representatives from the Southern Maine Area on Aging and the AARP, the committee prepared a survey directed to senior citizens, but affecting everyone, to assess the age-friendly aspects of life in our town. Well-lighted wide sidewalks, curb cuts, accessible recreational facilities, shops, and restaurants benefit everyone. Research tells us that people of all ages are looking for the same things to call a community home.

           We called ourselves Living Well in North Yarmouth because mothers with strollers and grandmothers with walkers benefit from the same curb cuts. Families caring for older relatives benefit from community age-friendly amenities such as wellness calls - another resource to spread responsibility for family care. Playgrounds benefit families and grandparents looking for a safe place for the grandkids to play. Home care services benefit older citizens needing hospital after-care or the young family needing help due to childbirth or illness. Living well in their community is meaningful for all.

Living Well in North Yarmouth:  Action Plan - Start Here, Stay Here


Committee Members

Name Title
Ginny Van Dyke Member
Donna Palmer Member
Al Ahlers Member
Priscilla Brobst Member
Gay Peterson Member
Steven Palmer Chair
Stephen Harris Member
Pasha Marlowe

Committee Members