Snow Management

The Town of North Yarmouth is concerned with preventing accidents and assuring that all town roads remain safe and as free from ice and snow as possible.Please do not shovel, blow snow, or have your driveway plowed into or across the road. This is prohibited by law and can cause serious traffic hazards. If possible, it is best to place snow on the side of your driveway opposite (i.e., downstream from) the direction traveled by the plow. Snow on that side of your driveway will be carried by the plow away from your driveway rather than back into your driveway.

Mailboxes Can Be Secure – Even in Winter

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Place reflective material on each side of the box visible to approaching traffic.
  • Use 4” tall reflective numbers/letters to identify the address  - good for public works and the Fire/Rescue Department.
  • Mailbox post size may not exceed 4” by 4” (wooden post) or 2” diameter (steel pipe post). Posts that are more substantial are considered “deadly fixed objects” and are not permitted.
  • Mailboxes should be installed at least 42” high to allow clearance for the plow wing as shown in this picture. We recommend the use of an extended arm type of post with a free-swinging suspended mailbox. (also shown). This allows snowplows to sweep near or under boxes without damage to supports and provides easy access to the boxes by mail carrier and customers.
  • Place the mailbox on the side of your driveway away from approaching traffic. This will allow our driver to clear the road and to get as close as possible to your mailbox to minimize the amount of shoveling you will have to do.
  • For uncurbed roads, set the mailbox back at the far edge of the shoulder to provide the maximum possible road clearance. For curbed roads, the face of the mailbox should be 8-12” back from the curb face.  

REMEMBER: Mailboxes are placed within the town’s right of way at the owner’s risk.

The town is not required to replace or repair mailboxes.

It is the town’s policy not to do so.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by your rural carrier, the postal service, and the North Yarmouth Public Works Department.

If you have any questions, please call Public Works at 829-3274.

A great video on plow safety from our partners at Maine DOT!