Old Town House Park

Old Town House Park

Located off Memorial Highway, Old Town House Park is comprised of 62 acres of open space in the geographic center of town. 25 acres of upland fields, along with 30 acres of seasonal flood plain and freshwater wetlands, make this a recreational centerpiece for the town. This park was purchased in 1998

The park features a variety of walking trails, along with 2 parking areas and Royal River access for canoes or kayaks. Much of the floodplain and freshwater wetland area is protected by a Federal easement to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Each autumnm the town is host to the Kite Festival which attracts kiters from around the state.

Old Town House Park is home to many species of birds and is considered an ebird “hotspot" with141 species identified. A bluebird box was installed there by the Parks and Recreation Committee, as well. For the past several years, the bobolink project has been on going here. These birds need tall grass to be happy – so the town maintenance crews wait until the first of August to cut the grass there. Bobolinks nest on the ground, amidst tall grass. In mid-May, when they arrive in New England, establish their seasonal homes and hatch theor young in  mid- June. By late July, they can be seen perched on the stalks of tall wildflowers, preparing to fly south. By waiting to mow, the habitat is protected and the songbirds thrive.

For more information, go to ebird.

Hunting is allowed in the park during the months of May and November only. Please read the hunting permission regulations.

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