RFP Fire Rescue Facility Needs Assessment

North Yarmouth Fire Rescue Facility Needs Assessment

The Town of North Yarmouth is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services to assist the Town of North Yarmouth in evaluating the continued utilization of the existing Fire Rescue Station located at 463 Walnut Hill Road in North Yarmouth, Maine. This work shall include a spatial needs assessment and recommended conceptual renovation on the existing site or a new facility together with detailed preliminary cost estimates for all designs and recommendations.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting:

All companies interested in submitting bids are required to be represented at a mandatory pre-bid meeting, which will be held on May 3rd at 10:00 am. Bidders shall meet at the fire rescue station located at 463 Walnut Hill Road in North Yarmouth. During this meeting, a tour of the worksite area will be conducted in order for companies/contractors to familiarize themselves with all existing conditions.

Submission of Proposals:

Submission packages are due by 1:00 pm on June 14, 2022. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered. Interested individuals and firms shall submit six (6) copies of the sealed submission packages and thumb drive containing a PDF copy to:

Town of North Yarmouth
Attn: Diane Barnes
10 Village Square Road
North Yarmouth, ME 04097
Labeled: Public Safety Needs Assessment