Garbage to Garden

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Garbage to Garden comes to North Yarmouth with Centralized Drop-off Program

Garbage to Garden is committed to working with communities to create a sustainable organics collection program that fits the needs of their unique locality and community.  For communities in which curbside composting does not make sense due to low population density, Garbage to Garden works with municipalities to create an organics drop-off program at a centralized collection point in the community

In the Fall of 2016 Garbage to Garden partnered with the Town of North Yarmouth to provide residents with the option to bring their organic waste to a centralized drop-off location in the town.  There is no fee to residents when dropping off your materials and the Compost Kiosk is located conveniently at the Fire Rescue Station across from the bottle redemption.

Acceptable items include:

All food scraps!  & more:

  • Vegetables, fruit, citrus, bread
  • Cooked & raw food
  • Pits, peels, shells, bones & seeds
  • Meat, dairy & bread
  • Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags (without the staple)
  • Clean, non-glossy paper
  • Napkins, food-soiled paper products, wax paper, muffin liners
  • Hair & laundry lint)