"The Town Where Others Began"

Town Seal

Did you know the Town of North Yarmouth was incorporated in the year 1680, prior to Maine becoming a State in 1820?

The area embracing North Yarmouth, was first settled in 1636, was abandoned twice before successful final settlement in 1713. In 1646, William Royall purchased a farm on the river that, since, has borne his name. John Cousins, a few years previous, occupied a neck of land between branches of a stream and owned an island, both now bearing his name. These settlements were established in the vicinity, called by the Wabanakis, as “Wescustogo”. Yarmouth originally constituted the eastern portion of North Yarmouth; the “North” in the name intended to differentiate it from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod (Maine was then a part of Massachusetts). North Yarmouth was chartered on September 22, 1680, encompassing the area of the present Town of North Yarmouth and the future towns of Harpswell (until 1750), Freeport (until 1789), Pownal (until 1808), Cumberland (until 1821), and Yarmouth (until 1849).  Those towns separting from North Yarmouth, created the tag line "The Town Where Others Began"map of North Yarmouth 1680's