Town Personnel

Town Personnel
10 Village Square Road
Town Office Hours
Monday 8am to 6pm
Tuesday - Thursday 8am to 5pm
Friday Closed
829-3705 Telephone
829-3274 Fax

Rosemary E. Roy

Town Manager

829-3705 ext 207

Robert Konczal


829-3705  ext 209

Debbie Allen Grover

Assistant Town Manager / Town Clerk

829-3705  ext 201

Anita Anderson

Health  Officer


Stacey Ruby

Administrative Support Coordinator

829-3705  ext 203

Greg Payson

Fire Rescue Chief

463 Walnut HIll Road


Chery Trenoweth

Administrative Support Coordinator

829-3705  ext 202

Clark Baston

Public Works Director

40 Parsonage Road



Ryan Keith

Code Enforcement Officer

829-3705  ext 206


Animal Control Officer



Library and Recreation
Prince Memorial Library266 Main Street, Cumberand 829-2216
Commuinty Education / Recreation290 Tuttle Road, Cumberland 829-2208

MSAD #51 Schools
Jeff Porter, Superintendent

Administration357 Tuttle Road, Cumberland 829-4800
Greely High School303 Main Street, Cumberland 829-4805
Greely Middle School351 Tuttle Road, Cumberland 829-4815
Mabel I. Wilson School353 Tuttle Road, Cumberland 829-4825
Transportation12 Drowne Road, Cumberand 829-4820