Curbside Trash & Recycling App


The Town of North Yarmouth is pleased to announce a new App for engaging with our curbside trash and recycling provider, Casella. This App allows residents to see their trash and recycling collection day, receive notifications about delays or rescheduling, search for items that are recyclable, and more! Have questions about what to recycle? Just type it in the Wizard tool on the App to learn whether or not it is recyclable.

Download the Recycle Better with Casella App on the App Store or Google Play Store or scan the QR codes below. To use it on our website, simply type in your address below to learn more about trash and recycling pickup at your home address.

recycle better with casella

*Click Here to use the Web Version. [scroll towards the bottom of the page]

FAQs on Upcoming Changes to North Yarmouth’s Waste & Recycling Collection Program

In the coming months, the Town of North Yarmouth will become part of Casella’s automated waste and recycling collection system. Details of that process will be forthcoming once the date of change is confirmed. Here is information regarding the Pay As You Throw program (PAYT or the orange bags).

Will residents continue to purchase the orange PAYT bags for waste? Why or why not?

Yes. The PAYT collection program has been a fiscal and environmental benefit to North Yarmouth. Because they are purchasing bags, residents have an incentive to reduce the amount of waste they put in bags.  Since it costs more to send waste to the landfill, less trash means lower disposal costs for the town.  In addition, the PAYT program currently provides approximately $150,000 in revenue to help offset the tax burden.  This is equivalent to a $0.23 reduction in the mil rate. 

How will compliance with the PAYT bags be monitored when we switch to the automated system?

Currently, Casella employees monitor the recycling and bags for compliance.  With the automated collect system, the town has included in the FY25 budget the purchase of software licensing and a subscription to Prairie Robotics which uses A.I to perform waste audits to identify contaminants and monitor compliance with the PAYT program.  The annual cost for this program is $13,300 or a $0.02 increase in the mil rate.

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