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The Towns Online Burn Permit Site is Down

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From the Owner of Wardensreport.com

Dear residents of the State of Maine,
Today I had to shut down wardensreport.com. Hopefully this is temporary. The State has sent a few departments a letter stating our site was illegal and none of the permits issued are valid.

When I started this site we spoke to the forest service and attorney general's office and they gave their stamp of approval. Our site has grown tremendously. We serve over 300,000 residents and 60 plus communities. We went from 2,000 permits in 2013 to over 15,000 a year and still growing. The site has given people the opportunity to get a permit for free rather than paying money for one. We are convinced that the State has seen a loss in revenue because of this. We encourage people to get permits and not burn illegally and tie up critical resources. The closure of this site will have a drastic effect on fire departments and the residents they protect.

We encourage all Fire Chiefs who use this to voice their support of our site. We want everybody to know we charge very little to the municipalities for this service. Our goal has been to provide a free service to residents while making it easier on the fire service.

This site has had great success and everybody has benefited from it. We will be getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible but could use any support we can get. Please share this and contact your local legislature.

Thank you,

You can still go online to The Maine State Website for permits, but can not utilize the Wardens report or any other third party site such as the old Burningpermits.com. I can still hand write permits as well..

During the Weekedays I will be writing permits at the office between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00. In the Event the no one is at the station, you may go to Town hall for a permit on Monday thru Thursday after 09:00.

On Saturdays and Sundays, The weekend Duty Officer will be required to be at the station from 09:00 until 12:00. On weekends you must get a permit during that time frame only or use the Maine State Burn Permit Site:

Thank you for your patience with this, We are trying to get the site back up and running

Chief Payson